Why the delayed registration?

We are a newer race with five different permitting bodies. To allow runners to plan their seasons as early as we can while still keeping all those permitters happy, we open registration without charging until our permitters give us permission to actually charge participants.  Rest assured, this is not an issue in permitting; the new way of signing up for races 10 months in advance just does not mesh well with the permit systems in place.

This also gives the race director time to confirm all applicants' qualifications prior to charging credit cards.

What's with the odd qualifications?

This race is hard, but it is also approachable. With how difficult it can be to qualify for any particular race you want to do, I built this to be as open as possible while confirming runner safety in the race environment.  We are not using qualifiers as a means of keeping you from running--only as a way to make sure you are safe out there.

Are you / will you be a qualifier for [insert race]?

Great question; we get this one a lot. In our first year in 2019, we were a UTMB qualifier. However, with their new partnership with Ironman we feel that we can no longer actively support their business model by paying to roll stones up their hill.

Western States: They have a well defined process for selecting qualifying races and we do not meet that yet. Once we meet their standards we will work actively to make their list.

Hardrock: We hope to be a Hardrock qualifier and believe ourselves to be the nearest thing to Hardrock in scale of course outside the San Juans. Come run our race, see what you think, and then email Hardrock asking!

What makes this so hard?

To put it simply, the Divide 100 is never extremely technical or extremely high, but it is consistently somewhat technical and never drops below 10,000' between mile 4 and mile 96. You've got to be consistent throughout as the "easy" sections also tend to be above 12,000'.

Why this race?

I started running ultras in Virginia, just a couple hours drive to a full year's worth of quality races. Living in Boulder now, I've been surprised by the lack of proper mountain races near the front range metro area. These mountains are beautiful, hard, and only 50 minutes from my door. Why drive 6-10 hours for a race when you get that just down the road?