See you in 2022!

Keep your eyes on this page and Ultrasignup as we plan for next year's event.


Runners must complete one of the following within two years (2021-2022) to qualify for the event:
• 50 mile mountain race (Jemez, San Juan Solctice, Manitou's Revenge, Cruel Jewel, etc.)
• 100 km race with at least 14,000 feet of gain (Never Summer, Hellgate, Tushars, etc.)
• 100 Mile race with at least 20,000 feet of gain
• Commensurate experience in high altitude environment (demonstrated by reference to specific route completions)--we are allowing this as racing has been harder to come by the past two years and want to provide an opportunity for runners who have no raced any all during the pandemic.

If you chose to do the latter option, you must email the race director prior to entering the race for approval, or else risk being denied entry and forfeiting your entry fee. If you are eyeing this race, you know what a mountain race looks like. If you have concerns your qualifying race, may not count, please email the race director before signing up for clarification. You may sign up with plans for a qualifier in the summer leading up to the race, but you must finish that race or will forfeit your slot.

We also require 8 hours of either trail work or race volunteering to be completed. Look for a form here by March 2022. If you are unable or unwilling to complete your volunteer work you may pay an opt-out fee of $100 that will be donated in equal sums to the Colorado Trail Foundation and Continental Divide Trail Coalition (minus 5% for the USFS). You will find this option under the "store" on the race's Ultrasignup page.   We have made this fee low intentionally to encourage its use; the professional trail crews here in Colorado do an amazing job and We would rather have a lower fee that encourages more people to utilize that option and support them.

Entry can be found at


$300 until April 1
$375 from April 1 until closure

What you get:
• A stellar, high alpine adventure
• Food and drink at the finish line
• A unique finisher's buckle and award
• Special overall awards for both men and women

So that you won't be surprised, expect a minimal "swag bag" at check in. Signing up is not the achievement, finishing is. You will, I hope, be more than pleased once you cross that finish line.

Cancellation Policy

Refunds will only be provided to those whose spot is taken from the wait list, if applicable. Otherwise, all entries are non-refundable and non-transferable. Further, if we are unable to hold the race due to any outside force (extreme weather, government shutdown, fire/smoke, pandemic, etc.) we will again be unable to provide refunds. We are a small race, have small margins and have committed expenses well before race day.

Feel free to reach out to the race director, Guy Love, at with any questions or if you would like to volunteer!